Fire has unveiled a stunning strip for Indigenous round

February 10, 2023 | Townsville Fire news

The JCU Townsville Fire has unveiled a stunning strip for Indigenous round in the WNBL. Local Artist Sarbi Baker spent 2 days designing it. He hopes the exposure can help him turn his hobby into a profession.

“It’s so surreal. It feels very empowering. A lot of my art over the past 13 years has just been something that I’ve enjoyed, so this year will probably be the first year I’m going to kick it off professionally. This is my first commissioned job I guess you could say, so very thankful to the JCU Townsville Fire for giving me a head start.”

The jersey represents welcoming the players to the Bindal and Wulgurukaba community, the first known people to have lived in the Townsville region.

“It tells the story of our First Nations people, Torres Strait Island people and our non-indigenous people in our community, supporting people who are coming from outside this community into our own, and working together towards reconciliation.”

The 25-year-old also explained individual aspects of the artwork.

“The colours on the shorts represent our people of the land, we’ve got the Dhari just above, that represents out Torres Strait Islander people, and you can see the colours that represent the earth, land and seas. And the little white lines represent our our connection to the community and supporting one another.”


JCU Townsville Fire players Zitina Aokuso, Steph Reid and Nes’eya Parker- Williams with Sarbi Baker, Indigenous Artist

Townsville Fire General Manager Sam Pascoe is honoured the club can play its part, promoting Indigenous culture.

“We’re really grateful we’ve had Sarbi design these absolutely spectacular uniforms. It’s a really beautiful story and a really beautiful representation.”

The meaning behind the kit resonates with small forward Nes’eya Parker Williams.

“I’m very proud to be wearing this, we’re the oldest living culture in the world and I’m extremely proud to be representing my people playing the game I love.”

And of course, she loves the look of the kit.

“I’ve been excited to where this jersey since Sam showed me the design a couple of months ago. Yeah, I’ve just been waiting for this round, so yeah very excited.”

The Fire will aim to deliver a performance as inspiring as their outfit on Wednesday night when they host the Boomers. Tickets to the top of the table clash at the Fire Pit are available.