Fire ready for Lightning response

December 6, 2018 | Townsville Fire news

The JCU Townsville Fire are bracing themselves for a Lightning strike ahead of tomorrow’s home game against Adelaide.

Less than a fortnight after the Lightning issued an SOS for corporate support, the Chris Lucas-led outfit has peeled off three wins in six days in three separate states and would love nothing more but to add a fourth.

The Fire will make a game day decision on their superstar captain, Suzy Batkovic, who is battling a neck injury but boast a 2-0 advantage over the Lightning this season.

On both occasions, Batkovic proved the difference between the two teams as the Fire took full toll of their size advantage.

“In the first couple of games, they sent the double team early to Suz and then we went to our other bigs inside and they went to work,” Brassard said.

“I think that will be scouted – I’m sure they will have some adjustments on that and try to make us shoot from the outside – but our shooters have been hitting shots lately so we should feel pretty good about it.”

Following Wednesday night’s win over Sydney Uni, the Lightning have climbed into the top-four but can be dislodged by the Fire with victory at Townsville Stadium.

Having hit the match winner against Adelaide last month, Tess Madgen said it was vital that the Fire stood up collectively should their inspirational captain be missing from the encounter.

“I know if she’s able to play, she’ll be playing without a doubt,” Madgen said.

“She’s the toughest person I know…so I know if there’s any chance she can play it will be a no brainer for her.

“Everyone, including myself needs to step up, on the scoring end but also on the defensive end.

“She’s our leading rebounder and everyone needs to pick up the slack in both of those areas.”

The Fire and the Lightning tip-off at Townsville Stadium from 7pm on Friday.

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