November 22, 2023 | Townsville Fire news

The Fire will play twice in round 4 of the WNBL. Both games are away and both will be tough tests according to coach Shannon Seebohm.

“Adelaide’s a great team and Perth hasn’t  lost a game yet so we need to play well if want to give ourselves a chance of winning both games.”

He hasn’t looked at the Lynx yet, and even the Lightning isn’t really on his radar, with the man in charge of Townsville still primarily focused on getting his team to gel early in the season. But that doesn’t mean the visitors haven’t done their homework on the opposition.

“My assistant coaches are doing a lot of the scouting work. I like to analyse our game and our team and those things, and those guys have been working on the scout. Usually we take it 1 game at a time but, so we wont worry too much about the Perth game until we get to it. But I’m very lucky to have great staff who do a lot of work behind the scenes.”

Courteny Woods will use travelling time to form even stronger bonds with her new teammates. Especially after the guard felt an opening round away game came and went in an instant.

“I think the Bendigo battle was a bit of a blur, like we were there and back in 2 days, I think that’s very different to going on what will be a 7 day road trip. So definitely get to know everyone a little bit more and it’ll be fun. When you’ve got a good group you actually do enjoy going on the road.”

The guard isn’t bothered some star recruits are starting ahead of her. She’s been instrumental off the bench in orange, although it wasn’t an easy adjustment to begin with.

“It’s definitely something I struggled with. Before I got here, I had always been used to playing starter minutes and it’s a really difficult role. You don’t know whether you’re going to play 2 minutes or 25, but it’s something I think that I’ve gotten better at. I think a lot of it is a mental battle, so being able to stay confident when I am out on the court.”

The coach can’t think of a better player in to have sitting and waiting to make an impact.

“Woodsy is great, she’s the best sixth player in the league and were very lucky to have someone like her coming off our bench and she just comes in and gives you what you need at that point.”

Seebohm expects the guard to see plenty of court time during a difficult double header, which begins on Thursday night. You can watch Townsville’s tussles with Adelaide on the 9NOW App. The clash tips off at 6.30 Queensland time.