McSpaddens Surreal Moment Will Inspire Her Against Southside

November 15, 2022 | Townsville Fire news

Lara McSpadden’s shorts stints on the court are packed with enthusiasm, energy and aggression. Now her challenge is to maintain that intensity over longer periods. The centre’s playing time will increase over the next month while fellow big Zitina Aokuso recovers from a foot injury. She’s ready to step up.

“I am excited to contribute a little bit more during the games, I don’t really think I’m going to play any differently thinking I’ve got more minutes. I’m still going to play with that same level of energy as I usually would, regardless of what time I have on the court.”

The 23 year old’s opportunity to play a bigger role tomorrow night, coincides with an Australian basketball legend’s trip to Townsville, for the JCU Fire’s clash with Southside. Lining up against Lauren Jackson will be a surreal moment for the self-proclaimed fan girl.

“I mean she is one of the greatest post players of all time so I’m just going to really try and follow the scout and yeah be confident because as soon as you show a moment of weakness with Lauren, I’m sure she’s going to find that and attack it.”

McSpadden had a head start on her scout.

“Highlights of her are everywhere, so you know when I’m looking up different stuff that I want to try I’ll go and like look at her game. I mean she does everything really well. She does like the pick and pop in the post and she’s very smart as well.”

Townsville coach Shannon Seebohm can’t help but be impressed with the Flyers overall roster.

“It’s great for the league that Lauren’s back this year but to be honest we’re not going to focus on one individual because they’re a very talented team, so I think we need to be pretty solid across the board.”

He’s remined the team what they’ve achieved in the opening rounds of the competition. Self-belief is high heading into the game.

“We have a style of basketball that we’re trying to execute and for us it’s about playing the best basketball we can as a team. And if we get to caught up in who they’ve got and what they do and all those things, we probably lose a bit of what makes us good.”

Both sides perfect starts to the season go on the line at the Fire Pit. Tip off is at 5.30, tickets are available.