Mendi Fire Academy Announced

October 3, 2023 | Townsville Fire news

The Townsville Fire is pleased to Welcome to a new era of talent selected for this year’s Mendi Fire Academy Program, designed to identify and nurture emerging athletes, this selective program will provide an exceptional opportunity for 20 young talents to embark on a transformative 7-month journey.

Under the guidance of some of the most respected coaches in women’s basketball and athletes, the Mendi Fire Academy will create a supportive and challenging environment for these promising athletes to refine their skills, strengthen their abilities, and prepare for the elite level of competition that awaits them.

These 20 gifted athletes have proven themselves as exceptional prospects within the sport. The Mendi Fire Academy aims to hone their talent further, offering them unrivaled access to top-tier facilities, specialised training programs, and the current WNBL Champions, Through a holistic development approach, the academy will also focus on mental resilience, leadership skills, and personal growth, aiming to shape these young athletes into well-rounded individuals both on and off the court.

Over the course of the 7-month program, the Mendi Fire Academy athletes will receive comprehensive training in various aspects of their game, including technical skills, tactical awareness, fitness conditioning, and strategic analysis. By immersing themselves in this training regimen, they will embark on a journey that propels them toward their full potential, nurturing their growth as athletes and as part of the wider Townsville Fire WNBL family.

The Townsville Fire is deeply committed to fostering a strong pathway for young athletes, and the Mendi Fire Academy is a testament to this dedication.

We would also like to thank our name partner of the academy, Mendi Group, it is through their wonderful support that this program has continued to grow over the last 4 years and provides this incredible opportunity to the upcoming female talent in our region.

Stay tuned for updates on the achievements and progress of these remarkable athletes as they embark on the Mendi Fire Academy journey.

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Congratulations to the following athletes, selected for this year’s Mendi Academy

Alyssa Doyle

Anahlise Browning

Ashlee Colls

Caydee Kyle

Cecily Van Eerde

Clara Kolb

Danika Turner

Dimity Manolis

Ginger Hughes

Harper Kyle

Holly Lewis

Isabella Robertson

Layne Prince

Macey Lahrs

Makayla Pirrone

Maleia Bogusz

Mia Brown

Sofia Blanco-Boyle

Zandi Bonanno

Zaylah Morris