February 24, 2024 | Townsville Fire news

Mia Murray will become just the third Fire player to have her jersey retired when she’s honoured ahead of Sunday’s showdown with Sydney. It’ll hang alongside Suzy Batkovic and Rachael McCully’s singlets with an unparalleled pair set to become a terrific trio. The club legend is beyond proud to join esteemed company.

“Probably a little bit shocked actually when you look at who is hanging up there, so to join that list is an absolute honour. And obviously reality sort of sets in and you reflect on what you’ve achieved, and the things you’ve done around the place, yeah it’s a pretty proud moment.”


Mamma Mia who gave birth to her second child at the end of January, is ecstatic her baby daughter will be involved. While Giaan won’t remember the occasion firsthand, it’ll no doubt be a memorable and most likely motivating moment to look back on. She won’t be the first female inspired by Townsville’s trailblazing number 10 who’s left a legacy for young girls to aspire to.

“I think that’s one thing that stands out playing for the Fire, that sort of automatically happens because you’re so close with the community. You’re sort of known everywhere you go around the community, and there are a ton of kids playing basketball and you’re probably friends with a lot of those people and there always in the stands watching you, and that’s something really special here.”


Murray made the transition from the court to the stands last year and happily soaks in the action, instead of playing a part in the narrative. Her basketball script at the Fire includes a trilogy of championships, 6 grand final appearances and a Rachel Sporn Medal, given to the MVP of the decider.

“Obviously the championships are the highlights. The first one was special, under Chris Lucas, that was the maiden championship for the region so that was incredible, especially after having 2 heart breaking losses the previous 2 years. And then to go back-to-back was probably even better. And then the third one, when Claudia Brassard took over the reins and we were able to get it done, so yeah they were all different in a way but all extremely special.


While Murray made a habit of avoiding the spotlight, she’ll embrace Sunday’s celebration, believing it presents an opportunity for her to thank the club and its fanbase for unwavering support throughout her career. Owning a sense of humour as sharp as her shot, she hinted her athleticism or fitness won’t be brought up when it comes to delivering a speech.

“No! I’m thankful for my shooting ability, I think that’s one thing that helped me, I could stand in the corner and hit a 3 so I’ll hang my hat on that.”


Townsville Fire GM said this is a moment for Mia, her family and the whole Townsville Community.

“ Mia’s contribution the Townsville Fire over the 10 years has been far greater than her exceptional basketball in Fire colours, I was lucky enough to start at the Fire when Mia was working in the front office in the clubs community programs as she waited on the arrival of her beautiful son Syd, her commitment to this club and this community was obvious from the start, I am so proud we can acknowledge all the Mia means to this organization with the retirement of the number 10.”


Mia played 207 games for the Townsville Fire

3 x WNBL Championship winner

2014/15 Grand final MVP

Life Member 2018/19

3 time Commitment to excellence recipient

3 time Players player recipient