South 32 Cannington continue Major Partnership

November 16, 2020 | Townsville Fire news

South32 Cannington is proud to renew its sponsorship of JCU Townsville Fire for another season as the team prepares to challenge for the Women’s National Basketball League championship.

The 2020 WNBL season got underway on Wednesday 11 November, The season is following a revised format due to COVID-19, with all 60 games played during a six-week period entirely in North Queensland, giving local spectators a unique chance to witness the country’s best female basketball players in action.

“We are very proud to sponsor JCU Townsville Fire and wish all WNBL players, coaches and spectators a safe and successful season,” said South32 Cannington Vice President Operations Joe Russell. “We have been a sponsor of JCU Townsville Fire since 2015 and look forward to continuing our partnership. I met some of the Townsville players and coach Shannon Seebohm last week and I know they are ready to make big impact on the 2020 WNBL championship.”

Townsville Fire is the only professional female sports team in Northern Australia and has won three WNBL championships, most recently in the 2017/18 season.

Sam Pascoe JCU Townsville Fire General Manager said: “JCU Townsville Fire is proud to partner with a company like South32 Cannington, which recognises the importance of providing strong healthy female role models in the North Queensland region. It is with the support of companies like South32 Cannington that Townsville Fire remain a strong part of this community. As the only community-owned club in the WNBL,

South32 Cannington continued support is imperative in the club’s sustainability and as a major partner since 2015, we say thank you to South32 Cannington.” Head coach Shannon Seebohm said: “As head coach of JCU Townsville Fire, I am proud to be sponsored by South32 Cannington. Their strong support of the club is something we are very grateful for and I look forward to many more years partnered with them.”

Townsville Fire guard Mia Murray added: “I have been a part of this club for many years, so I understand the importance of our partners. Our partners are more than just a logo, they become a part of the club and our community.