Z’s New Year Hope

December 29, 2022 | Townsville Fire news

Zitina Aokuso is aiming to complete a rapid return to Townsville’s team by suiting up against Melbourne on Saturday night. The centre broke her foot in November, warming up to play Adelaide. She recalled the incident as innocuous.

“So just after the anthem’s played we go back for a few final shots and I’m taking a lay up and I heard a big pop in my foot and I was like oh no, that didn’t feel too good! So I’m trying to walk it off and the pain not’s going away, in fact it was starting to get worse as I was walking. So yeah obviously didn’t play and then the next day we find out my foot’s broken.

Getting a cast would have sidelined her for three months minimum, she underwent an operation instead.

“They said surgery and I’d be back like in six weeks, on court, getting game ready. So I chose surgery and they put a rod in my fifth metatarsal.”


Aokuso’s kept her chin up despite the frustration of another injury, in fact she looked at a long layoff in 2020 as a blessing in disguise. The 24 year old has been in a better state of mind than she was, while rehabilitating from tearing her ACL.

“It was a pretty good outcome in the end, I guess. I’ve been in a really good mental space. The girls are always helpful. I have a good support system and I’ve been doing all the right things to make sure I get back as quick as I can.”


Z got shots up and completed a few drills last week and returned to full training post-Christmas, catapulting her in contention to battle the Boomers. An appearance which would be earlier than anticipated. Fire coach Shannon Seebohm doesn’t see a need to rush the big back.

“We’re just playing it day by day at the moment but depending on how she goes and getting through these practices we’re hoping that she may be back in the line up.”


Aokuso insists she’ll cheer louder than anyone if the best option is to wait another week, and there looks to be a record crowd for Saturday nights game, with Fire fans cheering on the hosts with the New Year’s Eve encounter close to a sell-out.

“Our fans they’re the best I the league, and we get the most in the league as well, so yeah super exciting stuff.”

Seebohm knows the crowd will play its part pumping up the home side.

“It should be an awesome game and hopefully we can get as close to a sell out as possible and they can make a lot of noise and help us get over the line.”

Tickets to the game are still available. It Tips off at 7.30.

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