Round 6: Sunday is an opportunity to win again

December 10, 2023 | UC Capitals news

With a day’s rest in between, the UC Capitals are hitting the court on Sunday, to take on the Townsville Fire in their second game of round 6.

After coming agonisingly close to their first win of the season, the Caps are fired up to take on Townsville and achieve what we all know is coming.

It was another team effort against the Flames on Friday, from Jade Melbourne top scoring on 19 points, Gemma Potter ruffling the feathers of WNBA Champion Cayla George, Alex Sharp collecting rebounds, Nicole Munger putting in effort 100 to Alex Bunton getting in the paint to influence with her size and strength.

“We played to win, we played how we expected in pre-season that we could perform and it was ours to win. We gave it a really good crack and I couldn’t be prouder of the girls and what they’ve had to overcome to get to a position to have a chance to win it.

“We’re not giving up, we can’t keep rolling over every time a team gets up by four, five or seven points. Until we can learn to manage those margins and get out on top, we have to weather the storm and stay true to us.”


With less than 48 hours between games, Saturday is full or rest, recovery and preparing for what Townsville will be bringing to the nation’s capital.

“Sunday is an opportunity to win again, against a really high-quality team,” Veal said.

“We’ll do some recovery, get the scout in, do some walk throughs so we’re mentally and technically prepared for Townsville and then it’s about whatever recovery, rest and recharge the players can get before we play again on Sunday.”

Tickets to the game can be found here, or watch the game live on 9Now.