The meaning behind the UC Capitals Indigenous Round Jersey

October 30, 2023 | UC Capitals news

The UC Capitals will be honoured to step onto the court this Sunday, wearing their Indigenous Round uniform designed by Ngunnawal man Richard Allan.

Collaborating with the team to determine what is important to them and transforming that into an incredible uniform, Richard incorporated community, strength, togetherness, protection, history and the journey towards reconciliation into the design.




Circles: Each individual circle represents community. Within each circle there are wavy lines and dots, which represent the journey the players go on each and every day. The weave and cross over lines are the basket weaving, which in Ngunnawal culture is very important for the women as it symbolises togetherness and strength. They all make up nine circles, which represents the 9 championships won by the UC Capitals.

The U Shapes with the line next to them: This is the symbol for women. Richard used the pink and purple shades which was a request by the Caps and reflects the healing leaves on Ngunnawal country.

Wedgetail eagle footprints: The players requested a wedgetail eagle on the design, which is the totem spirit for the Ngunnawal People. The footprints down the middle signify the wedge tail eagle guiding us on our journey.

War paint: on the sides, there is battle paint, as the UC Capitals will be going into battle this Indigenous Round, against another tribe. This represents them dressing for war, like the Ngunnawal People did when they prepared for battle.

Partnering with the Traditional Owners Aboriginal Corporation for this season, the UC Capitals will be working alongside Richard and his father Richie Allan, to continue towards education, celebration and reconciliation.

“Authenticity, collaboration and togetherness are embedded Caps values. They have been since our inception in 1984 – and these lived values are evident when we win, when we lose, when we conduct ourselves in our everyday business,” UC Capitals General Manager Lucille Bailie said.

“Partnering with Richie Allen and the Traditional Owners Aboriginal Corporation is more than bringing two respected brands together. It’s walking together with the values, beliefs and priorities of each other and using our platforms to share these with our families and our mobs.

“We’re privileged to embark on this meaningful and genuine journey and we can’t wait to build on our work in recognising and furthering the knowledge between our organisations.”