Tight contest sees Caps miss out on win

January 28, 2024 | UC Capitals news

Jade Melbourne returned to the starting 5 for the UC Capitals, after being rested due to a minor calf injury. The co-captain joined Alex Sharp, Alex Fowler, Nicole Munger and Monica Okoye for their second game of the Period Poverty Round.

For Adelaide, Jocelyn Willoughby, Brianna Turner, Lauren Mansfield, Issy Bourne and Tayla Brazel faced the Caps first, with Steph Talbot named for her first game back from injury.

Quarter 1

With one win each between them, both sides went into the match up with motivation to claim the mini series. Jade Melbourne was straight into the game, finding her way to the stripe to record the first point of the night, followed quickly after by a left-handed two point lay-up. The nice start for Canberra continued, with Alex Sharp shooting a 3 to get the Caps ahead by 6. From there, Adelaide started to hit back, to get 7 unanswered points, before Munger found an open Sharp to secure another three points. The margin remained quite tight throughout the quarter, with the insertion of Gemma Potter, Alex Bunton and Jayda Clark bringing some renewed energy.

Caps 26, Adelaide 23

Quarter 2

Alex Fowler got the first points of the second, before backing up her worth at the other end, to block Steph Talbot. The intensity continued going into the half, the Caps relentless with their offensive rebounds, and defence. Back-to-back threes by Alex Sharp triggered a time out from Adelaide, who came back out with aggression, swallowing Canberra in attack and going on an 8-0 run. The score was all tied up, before Jayda Clark got the visitors ahead by two going into the break.

Caps 41, Adelaide 39

Quarter 3

Tipping of the second half, and Adelaide set the tone early as Brianna Turner got the rebound, to shoot a one handed basket and even things up seconds into the game. The lead switched hands a couple times before Adelaide got a run to be 6 points ahead. The Caps fought hard to regain the lead but Adelaide weren’t going anywhere, up by 4 points going into the final ten minutes.

Caps 53, Adelaide 57

Quarter 4

Gemma Potter secured the first points for Canberra, following a sensational steal from Alex Fowler, who was having an incredible afternoon for the Caps. Soon after and Sharp secured another 2, to even the scoreboard. Three defensive stops and the game was almost back in Canberra’s hands before Lauren Mansfield ran away with points from the arc to help the Lightning to their biggest lead of the game. A big shot by Potter served the visitors well, as Adelaide started forcing them to shoot from the arc. Mansfield shot yet another three to extend Adelaide’s lead by 10, which prompted Kristen Veal to call a timeout. Despite the Caps best efforts, Adelaide held control to end the afternoon with the win.

Caps 67, Adelaide 84