December 13, 2022 | WNBL news

The WNBL 2022-23 competition is off to an entertaining start, however the league acknowledges the disruptions caused by the quality of the broadcast. The games shown on 9Now during Rounds 1 to 4 of the WNBL weren’t delivered to an acceptable standard, and the league has implemented significant changes to improve the streaming experience for fans.

Last week’s Round 5 games, from 7 – 10 December, were much improved due to a change in the broadcast production delivery partner.

The change included a centralised delivery model, which delivered consistency in graphics, statistics and shot clock, and replays, for all WNBL games.

The Head of WNBL, Christy Collier-Hill, is pleased with the outcome.

“It’s been a really rocky start to the season from a broadcast perspective,” said Collier-Hill.  “It’s been both frustrating and disappointing. The WNBL is a world-class league with world-class athletes and dedicated fans, it deserves to be shown in the best possible light. We, unfortunately, weren’t doing that.

“Working through the multiple changes that were required took a little bit more time than we first hoped however the results in Round 5 have been worth it.”

“We’ll now continue to improve the broadcast week on week to make sure the fans at home can experience all the great live action from their favourite teams.”