WNBL Officials Honour Board

The WNBL has a long history of quality referees within the League. Many individuals have contributed greatly to the success of the League and none more so than the officiating parties. Here we take a look at the long serving officials in the League.

Sharon Arnold Kylie Voevodin Melissa Andreola David Baddock
Jason Kelly Todd Spain Daniel Battye Daniel Banik
John Beames Scott Brown
David Bull Mark Caldwell
Michael Butler Toni Caldwell
Simon Cosier Brett Campbell
Vanessa Devlin Sarah Carey
Travis Haslam Jon Chapman
Kellie Knight Chris Clark
Sean Myers Craig Copes
Damien Nemeth Darel Corcoran
Clair Stevenson Madi Crowley-Long
Carolyn Tsakalos Steve Di Conza
Ean Turner Nathan Durant
Nathan Wieland Michelle Dyson
Troy Earle
Andrew Filmer
Tayla Flint
Elliot Green
Aaron Gilboy
Allen Godden
Marg Gorman
Mark Grist
Phil Haines
Kaye Hart
Peter Houghton
Greg Love
Damian Lyons
Wayne Maidment
Robyn Manhire
Vaughan Mayberry
Benn McDonald
Drew Meads
Tim Mills
Rosemary Morris
Chris Reid
Robert Rice
Darren Roberts
Alison Ross
Ken Simpson
Ian Watts
Geoff Weeks
Peter Wright