Cayla George, the master Businesswoman (Part 1)

April 1, 2020 | WNBL news

You know her as a Deakin Melbourne Boomer and a Chemist Warehouse Australian Opal, but did you also know Cayla George is a successful and innovative entrepreneur and business owner?

The bubbly, bright and fun-loving Cayla George offers a whirlwind of talent on the court but brings another level of passion to her businesses.

George has two businesses on opposite ends of the spectrum. Rehmee and Coco, an online store which sells different apparel, candles and other goodies, and, a mentored basketball program among other services for young female ballers.

Rehmee and Coco (R&C) all originated from George’s hobby of making soy candles.

“When I was younger, I used to love Subway, and I always wanted to own multiple franchises. That’s where my business mind started. As I got older, and while I was playing in Townsville, I decided to make some soy candles. It turned out most of the team wanted to buy them off me!” George says.

“I got a real rush from making something that people wanted. So, from there, I put together a business plan. Without really knowing what I was doing, I grinded away with my side hustle for a while, until I went back overseas to Hungary to play.”

“During this time, I employed my sister Ebony to continue to make the soy candles, melts and diffusers.”

“While overseas, I created an apparel line, had a website created and continued to learn daily about how to run a business.”

“I tried to keep my brand style very monochrome initially with black and white soy candles, and then also black and white apparel.”

“But, after some brand mentoring, I decided to add some colour! I then added the rose gold and concrete candles, along with my Agape and Creation apparel collection, which were much more versatile.”

“As I have journeyed with this business, I have certainly changed the direction. I have slowly phased out the monochrome and I am adding more vibrant statement pieces. I have a new apparel collection coming out soon which I’m really excited about, stay tuned!”

George is looking to have her own shopfront for her R&C brand eventually.

“For R&C, the long-term goals would be to move into a warehouse and have a shop-front. This is tough while I’m still playing, but it’s certainly something that I have already been looking into.”

As well as her online store, George’s newest business initiative, (CG), is one that really engages her basketball fans and other young hoopers.

To hear about check in tomorrow for Part 2!