BREAKING NEWS: Three Boomers Locked Up, Behind Bars

May 10, 2017 | Melbourne Boomers news
The Deakin Melbourne Boomers would like to make a public statement today following news overnight that two players and an assistant coach have been locked up and now find themselves behind bars and in need of public support for their release. Basher Cole, Sniper Smart and Hitman Hibbert are all facing team sanctions and may miss the start ofÊthe WNBL season unless they can be released in time. B_SmartR_ColeK_Hibbert "We were surprised to hear the news this morning, the front office has gone into meltdown and we are now dealing with the media and trying to assure everyone that all three Boomers only pose a risk to the general public if they face them on a basketball court," said Boomers GM, Justin Nelson. While the news may be a shock to some, for Bec Cole, Britt Smart and Katrina Hibbert the chance to be locked up in the small confines of Old Melbourne Gaol is something they are excited about and they are keen to let everyone know about their plight. Joining with Whitelion for the annual Bail Out on Friday May 26, all three Boomers will be behind bars and seeking release via donations from the general public. Following the release of their mug shots, all of which were creatively put together by the wonderful Michelle Couling, it's fair to say the hooping trio take on a whole new look as Bail Out inmates.
"This is a great cause that has continued to grow since 2006," said Britt Smart, adding, "Whitelion does a fantastic job in the community helping disadvantaged youth, this is an event we all need to support and help to keep raising funds." Melbourne is where the award winning Bail Out all started back in 2006. The event has now grown into a truly national campaign and is run across five states throughout the month of May. The City Watch House and Old Melbourne Goal are iconic venues that set the stage for a high quality unique event. As Bail Out inmates, Bec, Britt and Katrina will be exposed to life on the inside with activities that simulate prison life. Upon arrival, the inmates will be stripped of all possessions, given an inmate uniform, fingerprinted, photographed then taken to the main exercise yard where they will be fed prison gruel. Re-enactments of cases are heard in the Old Magistrate's Court before inmates are sentenced to some cell time with their gang or other solitary inmates. Inmate ÷Froggy' Hibbert is looking forward to life on the inside. "Anything for a great cause! My mum was a little unsure when I told her I was about to do some time on the inside, but she did reassure me that she'd send a few dollars in to help bail me out," said Hibbert with her well-known infectious laugh. For Cole, the release of her mug shot came as a surprise. "Is that really me? Wow, I look a little rough and ready. I hope the other inmates are ready to take on the Boomers Gang!" A minimum of $1000 must be raised to release each of our Boomers, so we are calling on everyone to help get Bec, Britt and Katrina out of their cell and back to the State Basketball Centre. To donate, go toÊ
WHAT: Whitelion Bail Out WHEN:ÊFriday 26th May 2017 WHERE: Old Melbourne Gaol WHO: BecÊ÷Basher'ÊCole, BrittÊ÷Sniper'ÊSmart and FroggyÊ÷Hitman'ÊHibbert. DONATE:Ê