Supporting those who support us

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June 1, 2020 | Melbourne Boomers news

The Deakin Melbourne Boomers are lucky enough to have the support of a vast array of sponsors and partners, who enable us to pursue success as a club – on and off the court.

One of the ways we help make sure we are nurturing this relationship in return, is by running biannual workshops – although, our latest this week, had a very different look and feel to usual.

Meeting virtually for the first time ever, we made sure to share all the important updates from Boomers HQ. Top of the agenda was the past season’s insights and highlights from across the club, as well as current updates – including, how we’re adapting to this changed environment.

We posed our participants a few key questions so that they could share what life has been like for them since we last touched base as a group.

The most valuable take-away was learning about the resilience and grit with which these businesses have faced constant change and/or adversity. All businesses possessed a determination to stay focussed on the positives with so much of their day-to-day changing around them, whilst demanding so much of them at the same time.

Within our sponsor group lies such a broad range of industries, and this allowed a rare opportunity to broaden our perspectives on how other industries are coping, their challenges, and lessons learned along the way.

Everyone would have left with their favourite point being something different – but three key themes emerged:

1. COLLABORATION – opportunities to work together, pivot or even ‘pirouette’

2. CUSTOMER CARE – listen, adjust and make an effort to be there for them. The relationship right now is just as important as the revenue

3. PEOPLE CARE – look after the physical, emotional and mental health of your people, at all times, but particularly during the COVID period.

Knowing that everybody has been impacted in some way by COVID-19, we asked those businesses on the call to share some ways that the collective group could support them right now.

What blew us away was the extent to which this group were simply willing to help others and connect with each other as a result.

All of these businesses are supporters of the Boomers, many over a number of years, and women’s sport in general. We encourage you to support those who support us.